Чем интересна Шри-Ланка?

Sri Lanka is an island of eternal summer, romance and exoticism, where, under the rustle of coke palms, it is so wonderful to relax and take a break from the worldly bustle, boring everyday life and getting to know the Western way of life. Once called Ceylon, the island is covered in lush vegetation. There are no harmful industries in Sri Lanka, and a large number of national parks have preserved the unique nature of the island in its original form. But not only an idyllic beach holiday attracts thousands of tourists to Ceylon all year round. The original culture and architecture of the island, dating back more than one millennium, is also able to enrich the kaleidoscope of impressions. The traditional Sri Lankan handicrafts that guests take home as souvenirs bear the stamp of a unique local atmosphere. And a huge number of holidays, festivals and carnivals of Sri Lanka will please the most restrained and demanding traveler.

When does the tourist season start in Sri Lanka?

On the southwestern coast from November to the end of April, dry and sunny weather sets in. The best time to visit this part of the island is from December to February. At this time, the rainy season continues in the northeastern regions. From the first days of May, rains come to the southwestern part of the island and continue until the end of October. The high season here is from June to September. It should be noted that in the Central Highlands in winter there may be frosts on some days, so the best time to visit the central regions of Sri Lanka is April and May.

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